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Welcome NASPO ValuePoint Contract Customers

All information on CIARA’s 2015-2020 NASPO ValuePoint (formerly WSCA/NASPO) Computer Equipment Master Agreement #MNWNC-104 site is available to the public. To purchase products/services in a participating state, please send a login request to gain access to our secure shopping site. To view your states (PA) participating addendum, sub-contractors and sales representatives, please select a state from the dropdown below.


NASPO ValuePoint Contract Website
CIARA NASPO ValuePoint Master Pricing Agreement
CIARA NASPO ValuePoint Baseline Price List
CIARA NASPO ValuePoint Solicitation
CIARA NASPO ValuePoint Response
CIARA NASPO ValuePoint Product and Service Schedule
ASUS Letter of Authorization
Minority Business Certification
CIARA NASPO Contract Extension

Why Sign a CIARA Participating Addendum?

With more than 30 years of leadership, CIARA is a leader in the field of Mission Critical IT Requirements, High Performance Computing and OEM/ODM Appliances Services. CIARA hardware engineers and software designers have led the rapidly changing and evolving field of computer technology with an impressive product line since its inception in 1984. Some of CIARA customers include well known pharmaceutical enterprises, educational Institutions, government or research laboratories and digital companies who all stay competitive by proudly using CIARA products and services.